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Asthma Control Test

The Asthma Control Test

Are you living life to its full potential?

When you have asthma, you may become so used to experiencing its
symptoms each day that you no longer question them.

But there may be ways for you to build better control of your asthma,
reducing symptoms and improving your quality of life.

To see how your asthma is affecting you each day take the Asthma
Control Test (ACT).

By clicking on the link below, you will be taken away from the site to
complete the ACT. Once you have your ACT score, return to the site to
see how you can get your asthma under control and live every breath.

Take the ACT

What is the ACT?

The ACT is a tried-and-tested tool made up of five questions you can complete either on- or off-line. It will provide you with a snapshot reminder of how well your asthma has been controlled over the last four weeks.  

The results can help to show the level of control you actually have over your asthma, which may surprise you. It is a good idea to complete the test regularly as asthma symptoms can vary from month to month and at different times of the year.

It may be useful for you to discuss your ACT score with your doctor or nurse the next time you see them. This can help guide your conversation with them and ensure you get the most from your visit. For more information on questions to ask your doctor, see our article here.

The ACT is a trademark of Quality Metric. 

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